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Get Shredded. Get Chiseled. Get RIPPED.

It's the sexiest, the strongest, the healthiest, and the most enviable physique of them all: it's RIPPED. You are strong, you are lean, you are confident. When you walk into the gym, along the beach, or even down the hall at work, you'll turn heads and inspire emotions like envy... fear... and desire.

The "Big 3" MISTAKES People Make When Trying To Get Ripped

If you have ever tried (and failed) to get an elite, ripped body, these were probably the 3 things holding you back...

#1: You're Eating Eat The Wrong Diet

If you have tried (and failed) to get ripped in the past, this was probably the biggest thing holding you back. Many people mistakenly assume that just because a ripped physique looks muscular, that you have to eat for muscle gain to get ripped.


In fact, if you eat for pure muscle gain, you will gain way too much fat--and you'll never get that ripped & shredded look you want. But you can't eat for weight loss, either...because then you won't be getting enough nutrients to fuel lean muscle growth!

Getting RIPPED requires a special kind of diet: one that enables your body to build dense, tight new muscle...while encourage it to melt away those last few pounds of stubborn bodyfat.

#2: You're Training The Wrong Way

Have you been stuck with the same old sets of 8-12 for longer than you can remember?

If so, your training could be holding you back from getting the body you want.

When you train like a bodybuilder (high volume, moderately high intensity), you maximize muscle growth...but limit your strength. This kind of training does not work well with a ripped body, because you aren't eating enough to recover from this high-volume approach.

Training like a bodybuilder also tends to encourage sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, which leads to that "soft, puffy" look in your muscles.

But when you train the S+L way, you'll focus on building dense, strong muscle--and you'll develop a long-lasting foundation of strength and confidence.

#3: You're Program-Hopping

In the past year, how many times have you switched programs?

I'm not talking about periodization here (such as changing your reps, sets, tempo, etc. in order to stimulate different muscle fibers). I'm talking about completely switching from one a completely different one.

If the answer is "more than once," then I've got BAD news...and I've got GOOD news.

The bad news is that your "shiny object syndrome" is preventing you from achieving any real, lasting results. The good news is that when you get started on the Road to RIPPED, and stay there...then you'll be amazed at how much progress you can make when you actually STICK to a program that WORKS.

The Stronger+Leaner Guide To Getting Ripped Solves These Programs By Breaking Out Your Physique Development Into 2 Phases:

Phase I

Melt Away Stubborn Bodyfat

The Phase I Diet will help you finally melt away stubborn bodyfat to reveal the shadows, separations, and striations between your muscles. This is *the* most essential step in getting RIPPED, and we're going to do it using strategic fasting to minimize hunger and maximize satiety.

Build Your Foundation

Phase I of the RIPPED Workout will help you develop the necessary physical & neuromuscular foundation of your new physique. Translation? You'll build up the strength and raw muscle mass you need to carve out your shredded new physique.

Phase II

Lean Bulk

Now that you're lean & chiseled, you will be able to eat more calories as you switch to a lean bulk. In Phase II of the RIPPED Diet, you'll start to build muscle slowly over time...without gaining noticeable bodyfat.

Slowly Add Muscle In Key Places

Now that you're strong, lean, and ripped, Phase II of the RIPPED Workout will add tasteful amounts of extra muscle mass in all the right places: shoulders, chest, and arms for the guys, and legs & glutes for the girls.

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Your hours on this earth are limited. Stop wasting them on ineffective workouts that will never get you anywhere, and start following a program that will carve out a strong, lean, RIPPED body that others will envy and desire.

A Quick Breakdown Of All 9 Training Modules:

Module 1: Defining Ripped

The first step in getting to know exactly what ripped is. Complete with specific details like body measurements to aim for, how much weight you should be lifting, and more.

Module 2: Your Roadmap to Ripped

Get the big-picture strategic view of how to follow this program to achieve your ideal ripped physique.

Module 3: Advanced Diet & Nutrition Strategies for Fat Loss

Learn the 7 guiding principles of sports nutrition that will stoke your fat-burning furnace.

Module 4: The Ripped Diet, Phase I

Learn the details of Phase I of the Diet, including what, when, and how much to eat to lose your last few pounds of stubborn bodyfat.

Module 5: The Ripped Diet, Phase II

Learn the details of Phase II of the Diet, including what, when, and how much to eat to transition into maintenance mode and/or lean bulking.

Module 6: Dense Muscle Strength Workouts

Learn the 10 guiding principles of working out to build dense, tight, lean muscle while staying strong & athletic.

Module 7: The Ripped Workout, Phase I

Learn the details of Phase I of the Workout, where you'll build a solid foundation of strength and mass; think of it as the clay that you will later mold into your new ripped physique.

Module 8: The Ripped Workout, Phase II

Learn the details of Phase II of the Workout, where you'll perfect your physique by slowly adding tasteful amount of lean muscle to all the right parts of your body.

Module 9: The Ripped Mindset & Lifestyle

Once you've achieved your ripped body, you won't want to give it up. That's why I included this module, which gives you tips & tricks of the trade to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain your new physique for life.

This Is A Premium Training Program For Serious Applicants Only

If you are not fully dedicated to transforming your body and your life, then I would recommend you do NOT purchase this training program.


Unless you are committed to making REAL changes, then you will probably never actually use this program...and this will be a waste of time and money.

But if you ARE dedicated... motivated... and up to the challenge of creating the best body of your life, then you're in luck.

Because The Stronger+Leaner Guide To Getting RIPPED will give you all the tools you need to create the body you want. The body you've always wanted.

Imagine the confidence, the joy that you'll feel when you achieve a goal that's been hiding in the back of your mind for years...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a guarantee? +

Yes! You can evaluate the program for a full 30 days before you decide if you want to keep it.

What equipment do I need? +

To get the most from this program, you should have access to basic gym equipment: a barbell, a bench, a squat cage, and a pull-up bar with a dip belt. Other helpful equipment includes dumbbells, Nautilus machines, and an EZ bar.

If you don't have access to a gym, you can complete the program using bodyweight equivalents. You will still need a pull-up bar (a doorway version will work).

Join The Course Today For Just $39

Your hours on this earth are limited. Stop wasting them on ineffective workouts that will never get you anywhere, and start following a program that will carve out a strong, lean, RIPPED body that others will envy and desire.

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